April 2023

Shoutout: Just want to say congratulations to my little sister for getting into university into UCLA to study philosophy. I miss you and am proud you got what you wanted. Good luck finishing this term and safe travels to Korea.
Hope everyone had a beautiful April.
I helped complete my first tax return instead of post-celebration where I maxed out my ISA. This is a huge contrast to what I did last year. How fundamental my investing strategy has changed.

Traditionally in a Korean household, it is standard for the ‘wife’ of the household to work out the budget of the house and for the man to earn. Investments in terms of stocks/shares and cash flow are given to the wife to do. This contrasts with a man who just focuses on increasing the money coming in within the household from employment or business. Talking to some other Asian friend from Punjabi he also explains in his region the tradition is similar.
We tried to stem the reason why this is and we boiled down the two contrasting characteristics needed for investing compared to business.

Investing (Traditionally done by women)

  • Low-risk tolerance
  • Low time
  • smart decisions
  • low attention

Starting a Business (Traditionally done by men)

  • High-risk taking tolerance
  • long hours (high time)
  • the consistent workload that can later be leveraged
  • High attention

Now, I am definitely not saying one sex should do the other. I’m simply contrasting what traditional households used to do and actually what my parents also lived by when I was a child.

I’m also mentioning this as I used to be in the ‘Investing’ category and my whole finances have shifted to ‘business’. Ask anyone from my previous workplace and I used to talk to you about the wonders of compound interest; save money and give it to the market. However, now I preach/guide (if I’m allowed to talk about it) about the wonders of business and how you should invest in yourself.

The most important thing I want to talk about is that traditionally there was a separation of responsibilities between men and women. I think there is an importance in the separation of this investment strategy. Most people I speak to get confused or switch between the two. Both will get you rich. However, do both without sufficient capital or spending the right energy in the right places and you are doomed to fail IN MY OPINION.

NB: Rich here is defined as a million pounds one day.

For Investing, you want to make smart decisions from your circle of competence and make a bet in the right place and wait. The hardest part is to wait so if you are fidgety and want to keep taking money out or in. You’ll be suffocated by fees and thus the house will take your winnings. You are leveraging time to be your ally so wait. In the analogy of a money tree. You survey every tree that is currently in the market. Check to see if its roots are good, the soil is good and the tree has generated lots of fruit in the past. But then the weather gets gloomy and thunderstormy so this season it might be a bad harvest. But its roots are strong so you decide to wait it out and hope the next season will bear more fruit. The advantage is that its very passive.

For business, it’s about people who are impatient/active. As a business can grow independently to time. However, the trade-off is that you need to grow the seedlings and protect them from the elements such as wind and rainfall in the case for the UK! You spend money, time, and energy in investing in a greenhouse so that no matter the market your seedlings grow to their potential. One day, by giving it resources of time, money, and energy we hope that seedlings become a money-making tree that bears fruit and hopefully you can reap the rewards yourself. But you need to make sure your seedlings survives and thrive!

What game do you want to play if you can only choose one?

I played the ‘surveying of trees’ for 3 years and loved it. I learned so much but there was a lot of financial jargon that was simply built to confuse people. People will say this apple is better because it’s ‘organic’ or this is better because it’s ‘free range’. So provided I understand the financial jargon that people made up I can navigate this space however I didn’t have enough roots/mental models to understand the world.

So I decided to grow a sapling on my own and divert all my time, energy, and money into a sapling. What happens if your sapling dies? Obviously, I don’t want my first sapling to die but it can happen. For me, I learned more by growing the sapling and digging the dirt myself than I did for 3 years watching other people do their magic. My next sapling will be even better or at the very least I’ll have a better financial understanding if I want to go back to investing

I learn by doing. Some people learn by books. Some people learn by hearing. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU just understand you are doing two different things. Assessing a tree and growing a tree is different. Do what resonates with you. I prefer growing at the moment.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius

Sidenote: When I first learned computer programming, I didn’t know the difference between I.C.T and Computer Science. The answer I got that was best at the time was this, “Everyone can drive a car but not everyone can build a car”.

How will you measure your life?
My older brother recommended a book to me this month based on my metrics and process-driven nature he thought the book will be a good fit. The book in question is How will you measure your life?.
The book had 3 parts that I found most interesting.
  1. Improved understanding of a business
  2. Improved understanding of why we work
  3. Improved understanding of what pulls customers into a business

I want to just talk about point 1 but the bit that will benefit most readers in this book is point 2. So I’ll do point 2 first.

The book separates the ‘reason people work’ into two things. Hygiene and motivation.
  • Status
  • Compensation (Salary + Bonus)
  • Job security
  • Work conditions
  • Company Policies
  • Supervisory practices
  • Is this work meaningful to me?
  • Is this job going to give me a chance to develop?
  • Am I going to learn new things?
  • Will I have an opportunity for recognition and achievement?
  • Am I going to be given responsibility? 
Motivation > Hygiene is what the book tells its readers to focus more on. As most people focus on Hygiene > Motivation. I theorize because once we graduate we are literally starving for money/status and we ‘should’ be doing something with our lives. I’ll let the exercise for the reader to work out if they are focusing more on Hygiene or Motivation. Hygiene is important but it will only make you satisfied with work. It’ll never be the reason you jump out of bed.

When I graduated. A few readers will know but I wanted to start a food truck. I might be biased  it was a revolutionary idea of making a Korean food called ‘Kimbap’ but calling it the Korean burrito -> Korrito. I had a dream of making this into a franchise and putting it into every train station. I loved that fantasy I had in my mind and was putting in the work and effort to make that dream a reality. However, at the time my father had two things he wished for me to do.
  1. Go to the Korean military
  2. Work in the industry I studied for a few years

I’ll leave the reasons for the Korean military for a future newsletter but I resonated with point number two and understood his perspective. He wanted me to reduce my technical debt and ‘learn on the job’. Other people could also point out that it was a safety net if I failed my business venture. The limiting belief I had was ‘I don’t want to code‘. So I thought, okay I’ll make my dad happy and so I called up a recruiter with who I’m still in close contact and said:

Me:             “Any pay, any location -> Can you find me  a job?”
Recruiter:   “Erhm…. if that’s the requirement. Yes!…. But it’ll help if you narrow me down to a place to focus on one region at a time”
Me:             “My girlfriend lives in Cambridge, feel free to start there”
Recruiter:    “We do have a small start-up there that does video conferencing would you like to find out more about them”
Me:              “Sure send me the details via email”
One video interview (1 hour) + Two technical interviews (4 hours each in person) and a time span of 2 weeks later. I signed my contract to start my first job with a 38k starting salary + a 2k relocation bonus. The interview, the job, and the post-job were all stories that I hold dearly because of the experience I gained. I will save it for either a future youtube video or newsletter.
NB:  If you are looking for a job. Don’t be picky. Be picky once you have offers, you have a lot MORE to learn than what they are risking (money). Be a sponge, be enthusiastic, and have the willingness to learn. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. They expect you to not know, they are accessing if you can learn. Most places will then take a risk on you.
Back to my first point, due to my dad. I focused more on “what I can learn” and not the huge importance of “hygiene factors”. Thinking like that was the clear winner that I had trouble articulating before reading this book.
Because of this first job, I learned to automate. Because I learned to automate I learned to make any ‘to-do list’ into an exercise a computer can do. Not faster than a human but simply able to do -> 24 hours a day with just a marginal cost of a computer. An example from my second employer was that they were charging an engineer to ‘set up something’ that took 2 weeks and could be/would be configured wrong. I then automated that task of ‘set up’ so it took ’15 minutes’. With my automation skills, I could definitely feel the impact I was doing on my customers (who were engineers in the office). That engineer can now spend 2 weeks doing something/anything else. I freed up someone’s time but in business terms, they shifted the resources to do more urgent and high-demand problems.
Here the book explains what a business is 
A business is just:

Business = Resources + Processes + Focus

What a definition. 

Resources are time/people/money.

Processes are the systems in which work gets done. Mcdonald’s has a system to hire ANYONE who can TRAIN them to flip burgers. So the ability to hire another ‘burger flipper’ is easy with their system. They don’t need the best burger flipper in town. Just someone who is willing to do it.

Focus: How the company chooses to allocate its resources for a particular vision.
With this. I can finally explain what the hell my business has been doing for the last 7 months 😅
When I started:
Resource = 1 full time software engineer + 1 part time software engineer + 10k money
Processes = None
Focus = make something that is related to meal planning and allow BOTH engineers to work.
Resource = 1 full time software engineer + 1 part time software engineer + 5k money
Processes = 
  • for the newsletter 👋
  • for youtube
  • for code (in theory, we can hire ANYONE and they can produce a website/app now. Or even better, we can use open-source code <3 )
  • for accounting (outsourced)
  • for cash flow
  • for equity
  • for communication internally
  • for communication externally
  • for documentation
Focus = Make processes to allow the software engineers to ONLY talk about the engineering of the product and NOT the business.
Time to focus to get my first idea into action 😎
  • Because of the processes, it takes very few resources (time money energy/people) to manage all of the systems. We could in theory pivot to any ‘idea’ now and fast
  • But remember. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.
  • Resources are now being funneled (Junte’s Time) into CODE CODE CODE.
Internally, separate from my business. I have other managements that I would like to do

When I started:
Resource = Junte’s time – MealCraft Hours + $$$ (runway for 5 years with the current living expense)
Process = None
Focus = Make money, make my fiancee happy and get healthier, learn about business

Resource = Junte’s time – MealCraft Hours + $$$ ( 5 years – 7 months )
Process =
  • Idea to production
  • Cleaning
  • Reading books
  • Exercise routine
  • Dog sitting
  • Car Park
  • Ynab Consultations
  • Meditating before bed
  • Eden (My fiancee) 
  • HealthTrinity
Focus = EVERYTHING???? which is another way of saying nothing. But making processes for all of this counts and actually, the ability to make processes came about due to my business but honed due to understanding my personal processes can be optimized as well.


Resource = Junte’s time + $$$ (DEPLOY ALL CASH)
Process =

  • Idea to production
  • Cleaners (outsourced)
  • Exercise routine ( I wish I could outsource this, aggressively invest in condensed information and increase accountability with money/people)
  • Dog sitting (discontinued)
  • Car Park (automated)
  • Ynab Consultations (limit to 2 people a day, most of it automated)
  • Meditating before bed (continue and look into getting therapy to better understand past traumas instead of navigating the space myself)
  • RELAXING (Aggressively invest to make relaxing easier. massages + spa + steam games + walks)
  • Eden ( Always allocate all resources here if things are on fire. More like a soft candle glow than a raging fire atm 🤣 )
  • HealthTrinity ( See above )


  • Health (Me) -> Love ( Eden + Friends + Family + Community ) -> Mission (HealthTrinity) in that order. Thank you Naval Almanack for bringing this to my attention.
I need a process for my diet and a systemized way to increase accountability, communicate with a household, and orders come to my household. Any ideas anyone ????? 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀


Weight update:

Have I stopped drinking? -> Yes


Getting enough sleep? -> Yes


In terms of my HealthTrinity, I’m currently aware that my diet is the limiting factor. With what I have eaten I am very happy that I haven’t gained weight.

For those of you that are like, go on a strict diet.


Let’s say I did go on a strict diet such as keto and managed to get me six-packed bodies. The body will only last as long as I stick with keto.


I’m currently trying to find a balance between what I’m willing to trade off and the ideal of health I’m trying to reach.


I definitely resonate with longevity and moving my body in space. A YouTuber I found recently who I resonated with but OVER THE TOP to my twin-brother.   The Anti-Aging Protocol To REVERSE AGING & Live Over 120+ YEARS OLD | Bryan Johnson – YouTube

Obviously, if you look at what he is DOING it seems WAAAAY over the top.

I resonated with his “measurement -> evidence -> protocol.”

He measures his organs (78 in total) to see what the scientific literature says is the best way to increase the measurements and put systems (protocols) in place to ensure he is ‘healthy’. Wonderful.

I stopped measuring my body with a tape measure, I stopped taking a blood pressure reading once I saw the trend was going better, and also stopped taking photos of my body. Bryan Johnson has given me the motivation to ‘measure’ again.

The measuring was like meditating on the body and increased my body awareness which made it easier to eat healthy throughout the day as well. In the months I stopped doing I made zero progress. Coincidence? I think not.

If  I ever have the money to do what Bryan Johnson is doing. I’ll let you know! (He spends 2 million dollars a year on his body 🤣)

Back to my principles. Do what you can, if I’m not measuring I’m not just guessing. 👌


For those of you that have been following my journey. You guys know I’ve taken up jump rope and calisthenics.

Calisthenics -> I’m aiming for something called ‘Fundamental Five’. The fundamental five consist of, all ‘perfect form’:

20 – Push ups
10 – Pull ups
25 – Squats
10 – Knee raises
10 – Dips

My struggle was the pull-ups, knee raises, and dips. These last two months I’ve been aiming to reach those numbers to the best ability every day.

What I started with:
20 – Push ups
1 – Pull up
25 – Squats
3 – Knee Raises
0 – Dips ( I did tricep dips by the bed side of 25s then progressed to actual dips )

Currently, my scores are:

20 – Push-ups
8 –  Pulls up (10 with wonky form)
25 – Squats
10 – Knee raises
10 – Dips

I’m very happy with the dips’ progress and was very surprised that my arms could get so strong so quickly. My back on the other hand I think the limiting factor is my weight and not the fact that my back is getting stronger. To keep to the ‘perfect form’ theme I for some reason pause at the bottom of each pull-ups. This is exhausting. If I did 10 ‘fast’ I can now do it but it feels like cheating. It has to be perfect and I would like to be stubborn with the fundamentals.

Jump rope -> The biggest change I’ve done is getting a jump matt. I no longer get any shin pains. I’ve lost 2 ropes due to the concrete but luckily gained better cardio, a lower resting heart rate and feel ‘lighter’ contradicting my weight.

Food for thought: Just a last thing I like to mention. I’ve been the lowest I’ve ever been this month. Which was 89.95 for some other reason. On average my trend is going down VERY SLOWLY. However I imagine that I’m getting stronger. Which is the dream right? 

Probably just my wishful thinking.

I jokily mentioned to my brother that ‘it’s like nothing is happening’ and he went. Keep going it is. What will it look like if I keep this up for the next 10 years of my life? Provided I don’t get injured this workout is very easy for me to do. The key was to lower the friction to get me started (buying pull up bar, buying skipping rope, and buying a dip bar)

I never thought I’ll get past 3 Pull ups when I first started as 90+kg but I guess my body is more capable then I thought 😁


This month I had a mental health scare. I slept only 1.5 hours and felt energetic to wake up -_- (This was between 19th March to 25th March).
I was eating better and exercising more, what’s going on?

Health -> Love

I was missing social contact.

In pursuing my Health Trinity and Freedom, I forgot a need for relationships. In this case, my physical health was well managed but I was doing my mission before love. I’m grateful for the people in my life where some individuals made the effort to come to my house and check up on me and invited me to socials even though I was too ‘busy’ for them.

The social contact I was missing, in this case, was talking to someone OUTSIDE my work that understood what I’ve accomplished so far technically. I had a social outing where my previous employer’s CTO (Chief Technical Officier) was there and he asked

CTO:  How are you doing?
ME  :  What’s your metric?
CTO:  *laughs and ponders*
CTO:  Are you still going and surviving?
ME  :  Yes
CTO:  Fantastic, that’s all you can ask for

It was really nice to hear from a man that experienced a similar journey and knew the things I was going through. He also later asked what the idea was and loved the MealCraft idea and was something he was looking for in his life. Even today, I forgot that I already have a community of people ( Garrison Technologies ) who I already served to make their lives better and are also open to hearing once my product is launched. To all my previous co-workers. I look forward to the day I launch. I know you guys will already do this but please come armed with brutal honesty when my website/app comes live. You guys were the reason the services I made for Garrison Technologies succeeded and I’m sure you guys will also be the reason my MealCraft idea will honed and battle-tested.

Putting my work out there has been a very surreal experience. However because of it, and it’s only just beginning, I’ve already met and built this wonderful community. If I knew this was the trade-off I would have done it sooner 😅. 

When I was going through my mental health recovery, my family was in another country, my close friends were busy with uni/work, and my acquaintances/coworkers didn’t want to have anything associated with me. I would be lying if I told you I was completely alone.

  • I had my mental health team
  • my twin brother and sister 
  • A friend who took me bouldering once a week.

But at the time – I was blinded by what I lost. It felt truly isolating and I wasn’t even grateful for what I had.

Today I choose to focus on the things I have 

  • I have a beautiful fiancée who wants to support my questionable business endeavor
  • A community of people who shared time with me that are open, transparent, and caring either through work/social
  • The business mentors I’m meeting with who give their guidance to help me succeed
  • The existing mental health community and to new ones who share their war stories with me.
  • And lastly, the gamers who patiently hear me rage 😅

Everyone, thank you. You guys all help me in different ways. It’s impossible to meet someone exactly like me in the world, trust me I’m a twin and it’s still difficult, but the summation of all of you with your humor; your love, and your opinions make it all worthwhile.

Feel free to contact me.

I will be working on my mission for the time being.

Thank you again for reading this month’s newsletter.


Jun-te Kim – YouTube. I am currently live streaming on my personal youtube channel to increase accountability. It has a chat feature. I only check it during my ‘rest’ time but let me know you’ve popped by <3
Till the next month,

Jun-te Kim