February 2023

Good morning,




01/02/2023 – 91.7 kg

27/02/2023 – 91.7 kg 


My weight has stayed the same!!!


However, I’ve been able to do more push-ups, more jumping, and more pull-ups?!


My twin brother and fiancee have both told me that I look ‘skinner’ and my arms are ‘bigger’.


I think this is proof that weight shouldn’t be your only measure of success.


I look better, I feel better and I get more work done. My sleep efficiency has also improved. My resting heart rate is also going down! What on earth is going on? The power of exercise in effect. I clocked in 14 hours of skipping this month compared to 9 hours and 54 minutes last month. Whoop whoop! Roughly jumped once every 2 days on average! ( assuming 1 hour of skipping) or 30 minutes of jumping everyday.


I still want to encourage intermittent fasting however I realised that life happens and my ‘mental energy’ to say I’m allowed to eat or not was exhausting.


I’ve been aiming for single-ingredient foods. Is this a single ingredient? ‘An egg’ . Eat it then. ‘ A chocolate bar’ seems to have a lot of other stuff. Don’t eat it.


Then I created recipes from single ingredients.


My go to => 

  • Chicken, Rice and Brocolli with katsu curry sauce
  • Chicken, Potatoes, and ketchup
  • Tinned fish, potatoes, and spinach

I’m aware of the calories of the sauces and ketchup is not a single ingredient. Be flexible, life happens. Am I eating better than a year ago? YES! Can I keep this going forever because of the ease of cooking, ease of choice, and ease of taste? Yes!


In regards to eating out, I’ve been trying to keep an 80/20 rule. I eat healthy 80% of the time and 20% of the time I liberally eat what I want. I’ll let you guys choose the time range to meet your goals. 


What has worked in the 4 weeks in my last update was to be easy on myself. I’m in the right direction but not necessarily optimal. I will be sure to do optimal when I become an Olympic athlete and compete with other people. Today I’m beating my yesterday self. My yesterday self was lazy, my present self is busy and my future self is wishful.


Go in the direction you want, time will do the rest. Make time your ally not your enemy. 


Book(s) I read



  • The Millionaire Fastlane – I recommend this if you ever dreamed of full-time employment or starting your own thing.
  • $100 million offers – To make a million pounds you just need to convince a million people to give you 1 pound. Can’t do a million? Learn to charge 2 pounds to 500,000 people. Learn to sell and how to give value.
  • Show Your Work – All inputs are useful when you have a system.


  • Dotcom secrets -???
  • Complete Calisthenics – ???

Listened to while commuting:

  • Boundaries – Learn how to say no, Learn how to say yes, Learn how to control you life.
  • How to win friends and influence people – This book makes me cry/emotionally every time. I’m sure others won’t agree but if certain chapters have for you, please let me know!

Life Hack


I learned from 100 million offers to read the book and audible book at the same time. Set audible book to twice the speed ( I do it for youtube videos anyway ) and you can process a book in half the time. Amazing.


Because of this, I feel confident I can process any highly urgent books in a day! Thus, please send book recommendation that has added VALUE to you or you hated because it was so different from your normal way of thinking.


Household Chores + Exercise




Last month, I mentioned we are trailing out a new method of cleaning. This includes an automatic ‘to-do list’ that is shared between a ‘household’ and then a list of ‘house maintenance items. This was to avoid doing all the house cleaning one day per week. 

In theory, this spread outs the cleaning over the month and anyone in the household can help with the cleaning as they can see the list of things to do but can also choose to wait until the task is major. For example, we have set up vacuuming and mopping every 2 days. Once one party has finished vacuuming the other party can do the next task such as ‘laundry’ or ‘toilet cleaning’ in our house. This avoids 2 people vacuuming on the same day at different hours and thus more household tasks get done. 


What I liked about it

  1. Currently, I have the job of being the ‘house-husband’ so most house chores are done by me. What I really like about this system that was unintended is that a list of ‘accomplished tasks’ appears automatically. Then my partner looks at the accomplished list and says ‘thank you’ for all the things I have done. This makes my inner chimp very happy.
  2. The unintended behavior that I didn’t realise will happen is that my partner actually does this ‘in advance’. I personally just do the ‘today’s tasks’. However, when my partner comes home she does one or two of ‘tomorrow’s (or next) tasks’ so that I have an easier time when it comes to it.
  3. Also, the obvious benefit is that we no longer clean on the weekend. Whether small-infrequent cleaning every day or bulk cleaning on the weekend is better I’ll leave it up to the reader. This seems to have worked for us and if you want to know more about this please book time with me and I’m happy to go into detail or make a Youtube video in the future.

An added bonus! We had an old iPad that needs to be consistently charged to be used. We’ve made it our ‘portal’ for house chores. It’s amazing and Eden loves it. Full transparency of what needs to be done and other units of work can be added. We also decided to put our already shared grocery list as well.


Here is a photo: 

Another bonus feature of this method is I made a to-do list for my exercise program. Like previously mentioned, I do the same workout every day.


However, now with the to-do list, I can now spread my workout with time. This might be a smart thing to do but it requires thought so I haven’t implemented it yet 


House maintenance is easier than house cleaning. Me and Eden have not cleaned for the entire month. But the house is on average a little dirtier compared to cleaning 4 hours for a month but its still very clean with little to no effort.


This new system will continue! Worked amazingly.


5 am club

Written at the start of month:


Last month, Eden had a wild idea on ‘let’s wake up at 5 am’. I always like a challenge 

The key principle of waking up at 5 am is to have some ‘me-time’ before the world starts. The world generally starts from 9 to 5. If you include commute time you get the message.

    • The idea is to wake up at 5 am, do 20 minutes of exercise; 20 minutes of meditation ( or plan your day ), and 20 minutes of learning (read a book).

This formula of 20/20/20 has been wonderful and personally, I think it’s independent of time. 

    • 20 minutes exercise -> heart rate goes up, the head becomes clear and full of oxygen
    • 20 minutes of meditation -> your thoughts and head are clear from the exercise so you have an easier time focusing on your breathing
    • 20 minutes of learning -> so after you move and meditate, your thoughts are clear. So what’s left is to absorb something. I did this most of January and it was amazing.

I don’t think it’s sustainable to have a hard rule of 5 am but slotting in ‘1 hour of brain focus’ is great and what has encouraged me to exercise as I want to read after exercise.


We realised that after 8 pm we don’t really do anything special, as we are physically and mentally tired from the day. Thus binging Netflix or playing a game of Valorant is usually an easy default. The 5 am allowed us to have an un-zombified morning together. We value this very much and something we both look forward to hence going to bed earlier is easy.


Obviously, life and caffeine-drinks happen. So we do our best to see each other in the morning as it’s definitely more quality time than the evening after work but we stress the importance of sleep. If we are tired at 5 am we have a ‘lay-in’ which equates to getting up at half 6. Still an early start in my opinion!


End of month report

I’m happy to say that Eden and I’s bedtime is half 8 and we get up at 5 am easily. We eat some breakfast ( fruit, oats ) and I have a shower to wake up and start the day. 


Life hack for me

Shower -> Skip (exercise) -> Shower -> Read


An efficient man would tell me to shower after skipping. However, skipping is hard to do before a shower to start the day. Don’t be efficient, do what makes you achieve your goals. You are not a computer that can do exactly what you say every day. Find what works even if you have 2 showers in the space of 3 hours! This was very controversial to my partner but then she realised I don’t stay in bed and play with my phone and I have a shower and start my day faster


For example: When I used to do running in the past, I used to not shower before I go as I’ll be sweaty anyway. However, If I shower and start my day, putting on the running shoes is WAY easier. So what if you have multiple showers in a day? Measure of success: Exercise is done quickly and actioned straight away, I’m not smelly and only downside is a little higher water and electric bill. For a person who makes any excuse not to exercise this is a very small charge to do exercise.


When there is a hard thing to do. I will stay in bed. If there is an easy thing to do after I wake up (go from warm bed to warm shower) I then go. Oh I’m up! Shall I do the hard thing now? I would like to add that our dog now gets up at 5 and kindly reminds us that it’s feeding time. So i’m up anyway!


Product review

Sunrise alarm clock – The alarm clock ‘starts’ lighting your room an hour before the alarm you set.


For example if I set the alarm at 5am it starts at 4 am and get progressively brighter.


However it turns off after 15 minutes. So the alarm turns off at 5:15 because tbh you wake up before 5 now. Like 4:50?.


It silently wakes you up so getting out of bed has been beautiful and wakes up our dog as well. The best feature I liked about the alarm clock is that you can save 2 alarm times. One for ‘weekend’ and one for ‘weekday’. However I put at alarm at 5am and one at 6:15, so that the ‘sunrise’ happens twice. Thus, the light shines all the time from 4 am to  6:30am. Me, the dog and eden now wake up slowly, gradually and not tired


It has been super effective. So much so that one time we went to bed a 1am and forgot to turn off the alarm. We woke up at 5am and wasn’t tired. Obv near the evening due to lack of sleep we got progressively tired but now as long as we sleep at a reasonable hour we have a way to wake up naturally. It has worked beautifully.


The one I got -> Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light – Light Alarm with Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Dual Alarms and Snooze Function, 7 Colors Atmosphere Lamp, 7 Natural Sounds and FM Radio, Built-in Phone Charging Port : Amazon.co.uk: Lighting




I’ve been building my own brand of ‘Health Trinity’ – some email lists like you guys are seeing now and also youtube and Instagram. 


For w/e reasons, I manage to reach 1800 in one day for one of my gratitude video. Thank the youtube lords .


The video in question is this one:  exercise  – YouTube and with this video I got 1 subscriber. So someone out there in the world is following me and I have no idea who they are. Awesome.


This also proves to me the fact that you can’t know what video will be picked up by the ‘Youtube algorithm’. So the only thing I can do is produce and document what I’m doing for my ‘past self’.


The best way I realised to give ‘value’ in some way is to think about my past self. My present self had to read, document and action lots of things. How could I have got there faster knowing things I know now? That’s all I’m trying to do now <3 Hopefully, you guys find this useful and even more joy if you find some of my comments funny.


My business mentor made a beautiful post about something I said in our talks and she made a post about it. Thank you for setting a beautiful example of content creation and all the advice and actionable actions you have given me so far. See the post here: Adie Saunders on Instagram: “Setting up your business can indeed feel lonely. You have the ideas, the drive, the passion, the questions, the challenges in your head…”


My youtube channel currently has 18 subscribers. Most of the people here I have no idea who they are and they are engaging in comments! This has kept motivation levels high. Thank you kind strangers!


My best video to date with 2k views: what I thought starting a business was gonna be like vs the reality  – YouTube


Money acceleration


In this email, I’ve mentioned some products and techniques that can be applied to achieve a goal faster.


If there is thinking then you either need to write it down and systemise it, eliminate it ( hard to do when only you can exercise ) or outsource it. This is very common practice in business but why not the legal entity of yourself?


If you have the capital. Pay for the hard book + and audible to read in half the time. 5 pounds more to save 4.5 hours in a 9 hours book?! What could I accomplish in that 4.5 hours?! That’s 4 games of league of legends I could play so I’m more relaxed and thus more sustainable! 


paycheck – living expense – saving goals = money you can put at risk


I used to put money at risk in the market. In hopes for a 9 percent return. 100 pounds = 9 pounds 


Today I choose to put that money into eliminating thinking, increase learning and faster implementation.


For example, I pay a little more on water bills to have multiple showers to make me want to exercise and start the day faster.


To my older brother, who uses a slow and old laptop. Upgrade your laptop. That is the vehicle you use everyday. It should be effortless from your thoughts to reality.


My twin brother recently bought a ‘wireless mechanical keyboard’ for 70 pounds after seeing my keyboard. He says he looks forward to writing emails now because typing is so much fun. So because it’s fun, can you write more emails to generate more leads and thus more sales?! Best 70 pounds he is ever going to spend.


At the beginning the marginal difference in life improvement is huge!


Life is and can be a pay to win system. ( Assuming a capitalist model )


Let’s say I want to learn to code. 

  • Free course called CS50, amazing course. However because it’s free you are less likely to do it as you won’t have the accountability. I recommend this course to everyone I meet and they tell me they want to learn to code. Conversation rate is almost 0%. I know 2 people ( and one of them is me! ) who actually completed based on my recommendation.
    FYI. That free course is what got me to earn a nice salary in my old job. 10 hours of content, 40 hours of work to do.
  • If you paid for the same course for a 1000 pound course and you’ll finish that course no matter what. The conversion rate will be close to 80% I bet.
  • Use money accountability if you need a push

NB: In regards to the 1000 pounds course. Say if you made a course that was worth 1000 pounds. Would you make that course good or bad? I would imagine all of you will say good. It might be worth buying that course.


I have a work colleague who has recently written a book that condenses 20 years of his software engineering experience into a book that sells for 35 pounds. Would I buy 20 years of experience for 35 pounds? Hell yes. I essentially gained 20 years experience for 35 pounds. Even if the knowledge transfer rate was 5%, that is still 1 year software engineering experience for 35 pounds!!! Saves me a year of mistakes. 


Knowledge doesn’t have to be expensive. However, when you have a full time job, your time is scarce.


Use your money to increase accountability and buy dense, easily digestible information. I regret not doing this because I simply didn’t realize I can. I had to start a business to start making that link. BE BETTER THAN MELEARN FROM MY MISTAKE. 


If I still had my old job, I would have not put the money in the market but instead put it on saving me time. It’s so obvious saying it out loud but when is the last time you actioned it? Is your iteration rate once a year in every new year? You are going to fail anyway. So iterate until you succeed. Obvious one might be cleaning. Harder to comprehend might be paying for a personal trainer to make you exercise to get the benefits of exercise.


Today with my infinite time I still don’t have enough time to do everything I want. If I saw a client 1:1 for 1 hour and negated sleep, exercise and diet (health trinity). I could still only see 24 clients in a day! I can only get 24 tasks done. Use money in your vehicle!


Boundaries with My Partner


Me and my partner has had some difficult time in the weekend:

  • I would like to do some work and she tells me she has to do work too, so would like to do it together.
  • That sounds amazing in accountability reasons and enjoyment reason.
  • She then doesn’t work. This made me not want to work either.



“I’m gonna work, you can join me if you want to but I’m going to work regardless”.


This also works if she takes too long to get ready for an event.


For example: We have to be somewhere so have to leave the house by 11:30.


I’m ready by 11:30 but my partner isn’t. So I leave.


This sounds controversial!!!! However, this has helped the harmony of the household immensely. Next time this happened my partner got ready by 11:30 to leave with me. 


Doing the action I intended regardless of my partner had many benefits:


  • Made me happy as I’m not late to the event. 
  • I can represent to the event organiser that my partner encountered some hurdles so she is running a little late 
  • My partner who I thought would be angry because I left her is infact actually happier. She felt bad that I caused her to be late and is happy that I can represent ‘us’ to the event organiser as well.
  • Because we are not angry at each other, we infact don’t bicker or fight. Thus, we are both happier. 
  • This was not what I thought it’ll be like! I thought she will be angry that I left her but infact we are happier. WTF?!
  • This is more proof that you shouldn’t think what’s right. Doing gives you data as well.

Do things like you planned out. Obviously if you plan, it doesn’t mean things will go your way. But if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. GARANTEED.


My business partner advice

I share a lot with my business partner. He knows my life very well and we talk a lot about systems.


He gave me a slap in the face recently. “Junte stop drinking’ +  reasons reasons reasons.


What would my life look like in 10 years if I carry on drinking?


What would my life look like if I only drank water for the next 10 years?


Everyone knows the knowledge. It is hard to take action. Iterate until you get it right. Pay to make it easier. Stop thinking and do.


I do not want to drink alcohol anymore.


If you want to buy me a pint please help me fund my dreams instead by donating here => Donate (paypal.com).


I will compound the money here to accelerate my growth.


Even 2 pounds can buy me a coffee so I can work longer. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream.


I hope you enjoyed this email as much as I have written it.


Thank you for your attention;


Thank you for keeping me accountable;


I hope you have found something valuable and something to action.


Good luck,


keep me posted on your journey. I would love to hear from you


Jun-te Kim

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